August 26, 2012

Maria Farinango sent a very beautiful thank you card, a dream catcher and a pair of earrings! I have never met her. She is Deepto’s grandma Kay’s friend, like us. Maria is Native South American. I never say American Indian. Say, Native American. She is from Ecuador. A book (The Queen of Water) was written based on her life story. Kay brought it for us when she came to visit. Have to start reading it. Kay had to leave just one day after she came! Maria had an accident. She is seven months pregnant. She is OK. Her car was badly damaged. Helped her a bit through Ankur. Thank you note was for it. She shouldn’t have any idea about my involvement. One of my friends is directly involved in this project. My family and I are very moved by her nice gesture. This is not the first time moved by a thank you card/note.

In 1995/96 got a letter from a cancer fighter. He was a son-­in-­law of a famous Shaheed Intellectual (of Bangladesh) and the son of another Shaheed Intellectual. He came to get treatment for cancer in this Country. At that time Mizan was doing his M.S. at Purdue University. We just sent twenty dollars. It was a lot for us at that time. Wish could do more! He didn’t survive! never forgot that letter! In my life came in touch with very great human beings. Also had very bad experiences from some people. Don’t remember those experiences. Many years ago learnt to let go things. Hope someday will meet Maria. I always wanted to meet, make friendship with native people (Native American, Adivasi Bangladeshi of different tribes or native of other countries). Oh yes I call different tribes of people of Bangladesh as “Adivasi”, not people from Hills or other names. And it doesn’t bother or hurt my “Bengali” pride at all.

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