June 7, 2012

Majority people react in a negative way whenever they hear the word “suicide”. Many people start talking about religion regarding suicide. My writing is not for them. There are some people who think, want to think more than that. From my very young age whenever I hear someone committed suicide I start thinking how much pain a person had to went through to commit suicide! Some people are prone to it genetically or if someone has mental, neural diseases or facing critical situations in life or because of some drugs which causes or increases the risk of suicide.

I came to know that one of my friends has/ had this tendency! That friend didn’t tell me. If told me I would say, “Look at me! I want to live so desperately!” Hoping the friend will get well. Sometimes I wonder should I say something to my friend without being asked!?

Because of bullying, many children, teenager, young adults commit suicide. Parents of this age group have to be so cautious. I tell my son that suicide is never ever an option. Always
remember that. That me also think that an ailing patient can ask for help to a doctor to end life when doctors can’t help anymore, where I live. It’s legal here.

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