Human Being

September 22, 2012

I was born with a “gift” (had nothing to do for this!) Whenever I see a human being, I see a human being. Nothing more than that, nothing less than that. Last night in a gathering while having conversation about religion, human relationship etc. I was told that people feel more, try to do more when the person or persons in need is from same group of race, nation, religion (for most of the people same religion). I don’t believe it. I was given example, I will see my own child’s face in a Bangladeshi hungry child more than a hungry child of Africa (or any other place)! I never believe that. My feelings are the same for all kinds of people. My resources are limited, that’s why trying to do something for the people of Bangladesh. Try to do for other countries too, time to time. If I had more resources I would do more for all, people of all countries. My feelings are same for people of all countries but my helping, supporting is not equal for all countries people (forced to do this). I put myself in a comfort zone and think, there are other people who are doing, will do for other country’s people. And I live with guilt! I told that person that I had the feeling for Maria when I heard her story, I would have the same if I come to know (or came to know) a Bangladeshi woman’s story.

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