Life, give a break!

September 22, 2012

After coming home from work Mizan gave me a bad news. It felt like the earth was shaking! I told Deepto’s PCP about my fight against cancer after I had the surgery on my leg. She told me that a year back from that time her seventeen year old had a brain tumor surgery! I looked at her and told myself, “Here I am the lucky one!” Over the last six years whenever we met we said, “How are you?” We said many untold things through this simple word! Couldn’t say more, couldn’t ask more! Because I didn’t tell Deepto about my cancer fight. Last year on 30th of December I had to tell Deepto.

While making an yearly check up appointment for Deepto, Mizan came to know that she is in emergency leave. After knowing that I was thinking about his son and wishing that nothing bad would happen. Today Mizan told me that she had a surgery and it’s pancreatic cancer! After that my world has changed again! I wanted to scream! I am screaming non­stop inside! Just three days ago came to know that one of Deepto’s teacher just had finished her cancer treatment this summer! I told him about her fight. Now how I am going to tell him about his PCP’s fight?! He is just twelve! First he came to know about his mom’s fight, then the teacher’s and now PCP’s?! Life, just give him a break!

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