Identity crisis!

October 18, 2012

From ancient time religion is human being’s shelter. Most of the people need this shelter. Some people who are very strong in mind don’t need this shelter. There is the thought that religion will enlighten people, help people to become real human being! But how much of it is true in reality?! Whenever religion comes under questioning (any religion) it is told that it’s not being correctly understood, explained! Religion (any) becomes under question, attack because of those people’s attitude, deeds who not only practice religion but also claim their religion is the best one and try to establish it. And education, intellect, smartness, logic all surrender to religious clerics! Can’t ask any question even if it’s the most logical one! For the last twenty years seeing that many Bangladeshis (here) are becoming very religious. Here there is a common conception that if children are kept under the umbrella of religion they won’t be derailed! Means they will stay true Muslim! They don’t care about Bangladeshi or Bengali root! Most of the Bangladeshi immigrants suffer from identity crisis. They cling to religion. My question is, if suffering from identity crisis shouldn’t they cling to Bangladeshi or Bengali culture!? How come other countries Muslims identity becomes Bangladeshis (Muslims) identity?! That says that most of these people (abroad) think their identity is their religious identity, not cultural (Bangladeshi or Bengali) identity!

Shockingly these types of people are increasing in Bangladesh too! Are they also suffering from identity crisis in Bangladesh too!? Religion is not enlightening them. Would people pay more attention to raise their children as human beings more than “true” Muslims! It may be the only and great deal to the parents how much religious their children are but it doesn’t matter to the world. It may not matter to the parents what sort of human beings their children are but it really matters to the world! Since when a child is born he/she is the citizen of the world, primarily it’s the parent’s responsibility to make the child a world-class citizen.

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