December 14, 2012

Columbine massacre happened in 1999. This thing is increasing in this country and rest of world. Today’s massacre happened in an elementary school. People are saying, “What’s going on?” They are remembering the shopping mall shooting in Oregon couple of days ago. Common people and specialists will give opinions. Can’t we be more concerned about what children, teenagers are going through, learning, seeing, listening and what will be the results of it? How many parents and guardians are really concerned about what types of video games, which movies, what type of music their children are playing, watching, listening? Gave Deepto permission to watch Lincoln after talking to him. One of his friends parent said that his/her child watched PG­13 movie before (the child is not thirteen). Deepto said that some of his friends watch R rated movies! Some of his friends even watched some movies which their parents haven’t seen! Some children may be mature enough at an earlier age to handle things properly or they may seem like. But my thinking is, what’s wrong to wait for the right age! Can anyone guarantee that it won’t harm them if children are being exposed to something not at the right age? Do people really think that violent games, movies don’t make any impact on children? People need to stop living in denial. If we pay attention to those massacres, we can see that there were some warning signs. If children have some kind of mental challenge parents should address it. Mental diseases are like other diseases which need treatment.

Also it’s overdue to do something about gun control in this country. There are so many examples of showing that countries which have strict gun control laws have fewer massacres, shooting sprees, killings. It’s very hard to do something in this country regarding this issue. The NRA have so much power! Almost everything is related or tied to politics! When talking about underdeveloped or developing countries, people use the word “bribe” and when it’s about developed, rich, powerful countries, the word is “lobbying!” The makers of the violent video games, movies, music, guns won’t do anything. It’s us the consumers who could or try to do something. It’s too late for the children and their families of today’s tragedy!

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