May 4, 2013

Since yesterday a picture is staying with me ………….. in the rubbles of Savar tragedy1 ………. very long hair is hanging, since it’s the back of the head can’t see the face. At a little bit distance, a pair of jeans (legs of another person) is seen. Even though the picture was taken far away, I could identify those. Someone posted it on Facebook. Watched it on TV also for a glance. For the last several days watched many pictures! I am thinking about the rescuers. Not sure even if they get long time counselling, they would be all right! Who will remember these common people (actually they are extraordinary people)? Can’t counselors give volunteering service to these people? These people aren’t financially capable of getting counselling. Those who risked their own life to rescue others, find dead bodies, can’t others stand by them?

Feeling so awful after the Savar tragedy, thought it so many times ………… still thinking, what’s the meaning of life? In this world, in every civilization, for the sake of some very reach people’s luxurious life style, labor class will live like inhuman! And time to time they will die this tragic death. The word should be “get killed” not “die”. Each civilization is standing on their dead bodies. There is no place for them in the history. History is written to praise the kings and queens! Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China, Pyramids……………….. All of this history was written, but the bloody stories of laborers are never written! The story of Bangladesh’s becoming developing country from under developed country is being told again and again with pride, but it’s never been told whose bloody sacrifices are doing it! The modern day slavery in Middle Eastern countries, European countries are never been told……….. It’s been called “remittance”!! Poor, illiterate village girls become “garments workers” instead of “house maids”; but their “luck” doesn’t change! Whole day and night the machines make noises in the four walls of the unhealthy environment of the garments factories. The bank balance of the owners get higher and higher, the luxury of the European and American retail owners get higher and higher! Some people enjoy the luxury of living in the Middle East, Europe, and America while living in Bangladesh! It’s true if those girls didn’t get the jobs as garments workers they had to get married at very early age, had children at their teens and many of them were left behind their husbands and ultimately would become burdens on their parents. It’s also true that now they are earning and supporting not only themselves but also supporting their families in the villages. Because of them their younger siblings are getting education. This is really good especially for the girls. But at the cost of their tremendous sacrifice. They are under­-paid. To make a shirt sold at about $20 in the U.S.A. at the retail stores they are getting the least payment. Thinking what is “luck”?! And what makes it?! Our memory is like gold fishes memory! That’s why we shed couple of drops of tears, donate some money and then forget. And because we forget these happen again and again! Many get busy to become those owners, jumping from the middle class! Nobody really thinks about the labors, if anyone thinks, it’s just at the times like these tragedies!

1. Savar tragedy claimed 1,129 lives in 24 April, 2013 when a garments factory collapsed in Savar, Bangladesh due to structural failure

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