Justice for war criminals of Liberation War of Bangladesh

February 12, 2013

Can’t emotion and logic co­-exist? Can. Something may happen if they do. Only emotion can’t give almost anything. Again only logic can’t bring that much. To see something neutrally have to have balance of emotion. The young generation of Shahbag what they are doing today is having the balance between emotion and logic. There is logic that’s why they are neutral, they are emotional that’s why they are demanding justice. As a nation we are emotional people. That’s why we have glorious past. We have the Language movement of 1952, we have the Liberation War of Independence of 1971. Again because of too much emotion and lack of logic it’s taking forty-two years to bring justice to war criminals (rajakars).

If relatives, friends, society, state, government didn’t forget the inhuman deeds of the traitors (rajakars) would they (rajakars, Jamat­Shibir) be able to show this much violence today? A logical mind knows whoever is the criminal (mass killer, rapist) must get punished. To say the word boldly, logical mind never differentiates if the killer, rapist is related to him/her or not. Even though he/she can judge himself/herself. Our previous generation brought us the great Liberation, the country Bangladesh; they failed to bring justice to the traitors. Almost all of us followed them too. That’s why made friendship, relationship with the traitors (rajakars). Does it make any difference only I myself stay away from those?! If my generation did it as a whole! I ask everyone to make balance between emotion and logic. Only then something could be done.

February 20, 2013
Demanding death penalty for the war criminals of the Liberation War of Bangladesh, 1971. I believe only victims and their family members have the ultimate right to ask for death penalty for other types of killings (all sorts). But for this cause all the Bangladeshi people have the right to ask for the death penalty. I still can’t understand how a government (West Pakistan, now Pakistan) committed genocide on its own people (then East Pakistan now Bangladesh) by playing the religious card?! When the British left the Indian sub­continent, they did one of the most heinous and criminal act. They divided it into two parts by using the religious card. As a result they made India and Pakistan. Pakistan was formed with two parts physically apart by thousand miles away. Then West Pakistan and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) has only one thing was common, majority people’s religion was Islam. When India and Pakistan was formed, a very pathetic thing in history took place in 1947. Huge number of forced migration happened in the history of the world. Many Hindus from Bangladesh were forced to migrate to West Bengal (India). Which brought an inhuman legacy to so many lives, families forever. The Muslims of Bangladesh who supported to be part of Pakistan came to understand their biggest mistake in the history within very short time. Even though by the number of citizens West Pakistan was the minority (have different ethnic groups, different languages, totally different culture etc), it ruled East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) very discriminating way. They totally abused the power. At midnight on 25th of March in 1971, Pakistani government committed genocide by killing totally unarmed sleeping citizens of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). They continued the genocide for the next nine months! They wanted to wipe out the Bengali ethnic group! They used the religious card to motivate their army by telling that all the people (Bengali) were or became Hindus. They not only targeted Hindus but killed Muslims and all other religions people. They killed three million people in nine months and tortured so many others. Raped two to four hundreds of thousands women ages ranging from little girls to old ladies who were even in their eighties! They used rape as a tool to make ethnic cleansing!

For the global politics now and then the history of this genocide and rape were and are always kept in the shadow. Till now global politics plays a role even in the demand of bringing justice to the war crimes committed by the traitors. Their political group Jamaat­e-­Islami (Jamaat) and their students group Shibir (formed after 1971) have lobbyists all over the world! They get sponsored by many Muslim countries (who have money and global political power because of oil!). Money buys almost everything! They convinced many human rights groups that Bangladeshis are doing wrong by bringing justice to theses criminals. Many groups are saying that demanding death penalty is wrong! In Bangladesh there is death penalty like many other countries (like USA). Unfortunately the opposition party (B.N.P. which was born after the killing of the leader of the Liberation War in 1975 committed by some military personnel) has a tie to Jamaat and is not supporting the judgement of the war criminals. No wonder why! Jamaat has spent (still spending) huge money to save its leaders and members, who were war criminals, by using all global, internal political connections! And unfortunately almost all the powerful countries are on their side! I wonder why “humanity” sometimes sleeps and sometimes stays fully awake! Those human rights groups totally forget that still war criminals of the second world war are brought to justice! Sometimes justice, humanity becomes chosen words for some and not for others! Only death penalty can bring justice to the war criminals of Bangladesh. If they aren’t given death penalty (who earned it) and are given prison times (even for life) will be released when the opposition (B.N.P.) comes in power. That’s why people are demanding it. My question to all the human rights groups, who are opposing the death penalty: you see the rights of the war criminals but don’t see the three million dead people’s rights and two to four hundred thousand brutally gang­-raped women’s rights?! Where were you when they were committing these!?

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