I have itchy feet!

May 28, 2013

My mind always wonder ……………. after leaving birth country it’s been a habit…….. Time to time visit places. It started while living in Japan for one and half years. After that had a break for Mizan’s graduate school, my graduate school, Deepto’s birth. Then started again when Deepto was eight months old. Most of the time it was by car. Mizan drove all the places that we visited. By the 1996 Corolla we bought in 1997, we visited South down to San Diego up to Victoria, Canada. While we lived in the East Coast for little over one year, we visited South down to Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, and to North up to Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal. Moved back to West coast again by car. Mizan drove from Massachusetts, took a detour to South to visit Colorado! Got sick, had the leg surgery (sarcoma), walked with cane for months ………. had a break. Just one month after I got rid of the cane, went to Banff for the second time, Glacier 
National Park in Canada and Montana. After the first lung surgery, deep in mind I thought ……. could I be able again! Near coast and parks ………. were the places to depend on! After came to know that I had to go through the lung surgery again, went to see Vancouver, Canada. After this time’s surgery felt sorry, why didn’t I agree to visit Alaska last summer! How could I thought that I would be little bit better in future! Once told that I want to visit Antelope Canyon if possible. Mizan immediately bought the plane tickets and arranged everything before I changed my mind!

For the last three days visited Zion National park, Bryce canyon. Went to those places for the first time eleven years ago! Every moment remembered that how young Deepto was at that time! He wanted to go to the small mountain river in Zion! Have one picture where I was holding him by pulling his sweater! This time he was holding my hand so that I don’t fall on the stones!

Last time he ran on the snow, Mizan was pulling him! To see the Horseshoe spot in Glenn
Canyon at Page, I had to walk on the hot sands……….. Sometimes was thinking if I had made a mistake! Had no plan to walk so didn’t take snickers. Hot sand was entering in my shoes, burning hot sun was above our head, didn’t wear any socks because of hot weather! The road was sloppy! It was very hard to walk up hill because of my lungs condition! Hot sun above us, hot sand in my shoes and the uphill road! Since I come downstairs in the morning and go upstairs at night these days. 

People were crazy to take pictures at the edge of the cliff! I have acrophobia. One of the pictures I took someone’s feet was showing at the very end of the edge! While walking back Mizan forced me to wear his socks! Rushed to see Antelope Canyon right after that. Rode on a small truck (open sided) with other visitors and the Navajo driver/tour guide. At eleven in the morning the light is better in the canyon. We didn’t get the tickets for that time, have to book at that time long ago. At four in the afternoon, the light was less in the canyon. Again the sand but not hot this time! Took pictures almost in the dark, had many visitors of many groups. In some place the canyon is so narrow that one person can barely go through! People from other group were coming from the opposite side. Had to hug the canyon walls to let them go through! Had to be very careful about Deepto and Mizan so they didn’t bang their heads while saving my own! One place like that I was taking pictures while moving backward and fell against the wall! Got hurt because I fall down on the rock walls but immediately stood up. Only Deepto, Mizan and an elderly British lady saw it! Good that didn’t get hurt on head or my back (I have big scars from the two surgeries on my back)! Came back by touching the walls of the canyon and saying, “Good Bye!”

Rode back on the truck on the sandy, rocky road with bumps, the wind threw sands on our body and face ……… thanked the Navajo lady guide for taking several pictures for me! Deepto’s allergy bothered him a lot, still he thanked parents for taking him to the tour like other times! That old Toyota was parked in the long-term airport parking, since the parking lot is in the open air didn’t keep the newer car! Told Mizan while coming back home that he can’t drive the old car before washing it. Yesterday once thought that we have to say “goodbye” to this old car! Today I am thinking, how I could think that! It’s not just the vehicle which took us so many places, but it’s a part of history! Even though it’s of the very simple people like us!

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