Last bowl!

August 2, 2013

Before the last surgery I cooked and froze some of the Deepto’s favorite dishes. Both parents don’t complain about food, maybe that’s why he also walks on the same path! It’s very easy to cook his favorite dishes. When I cook his favorite dishes, or it is bought, he says “Thank you” to us so many times! I didn’t teach him to do that. While cooking those dishes I was thinking when will I be able to cook again? …………… Will ever be able to cook? If I don’t come back? …………… If I don’t come back will he be able to eat those dishes ever? What will he think when he will finish the last bowl? ……………….”

No I came back! Time to time give him those frozen dishes. Today took out the last two bowls. Two small bowls contain Polao. Like most of the young he likes it very much. Cooked it very simply. I always cook simply, healthy way. Bangladeshi or Bengali people may think after eating my cooked dishes that how come I fight cancer when my dishes are healthy?! Forget it. Since my middle school I started cooking, sometimes for fun and other times for necessity. For the last twenty one years, it’s a regular thing. Cooked so many different dishes for so many years but never took any pictures of those. This time I cooked and took pictures! Thought, maybe some time Deepto will look at those pictures and think, Ma used to cook those!”

Now people in Bangladesh are recognizing that cooking is an art! They think is there any woman who can’t cook? Or take it for granted that women must know how to cook! I started teaching Mizan some of Deepto’s favorite dishes. Mizan cooks whenever it’s necessary. His cooking is good. But it’s not a regular thing. I didn’t let it happen. Couple of days ago I told dad and son while smiling, “For the last almost twenty one years I am cooking regularly. Now it’s your turn (told Mizan).” Told Deepto, “Your turn will come too.” 

While visiting Alaska once I told Deepto, “I wish you will visit these places with your children.” He said, “I will bring you two too.” Once I told him, “What your dad is doing for you, us is incomparable. It’s very rare. Remember it forever, will take care of dad.” Once while talking like these he said, “Ma you are talking like you are going somewhere!” After that I use words more carefully! The main thing is what I say. Not how I say!

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