July 28, 2013

After nine days using Facebook again. Coming back from a different world. Returning from a very beautiful place of nature. For many years wanted to go, regretted for not going in last summer, at last went to Alaska! The earth is so beautiful but how many people remember that! If people remember that their mind must become beautiful. I love mountains. Watched mountains, glaciers, ocean, fishes (especially salmon), black bear, caribou, moose, elk, birds, flowers (especially wild ones), seals, otter, sea lion, bald eagle, porpoise, whales (orca and humpback), culture of different tribes of Native Americans, museums! Moved by many different emotions! Saying in a short today, the last humpback was dancing (or jumping) such a way for so long that it seemed like it won’t end ever! And the boat was following it such a way that it seemed like it would take us to the deep sea! It felt like we the people on the boat (from different places, different races, different kinds) came from a different planet to it’s kingdom! Human beings think the earth is only for them! The earth is not just for human beings. Why human beings think themselves as the king of the earth! And if they think like that it’s their responsibility to take care of the earth!

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