Excess length!

October 8, 2013

Among many projects of our volunteering organization there is an orphanage in a village near Rajshahi, Bangladesh. I am responsible for this project. My Mom keeps the contact there on behalf of me. This orphanage was started by a freedom fighter at his own home after he found some of his friends’ orphan children after the Liberation War in 1971. Before the last Eid after Ramadan I talked to my Mom and said that we are sending some fund for Eid day special meal. She let me know that the freedom fighter said if we could send money for new clothes for Eid. There are 147 children. I said still now we aren’t able to arrange fund for food for the whole year. The orphanage gets little bit support from government. Our organization’s support is the main thing.

We are trying to make some income generating program through them to support for several years. Sometimes the number of children increases and reaches to 167. Still now they need to borrow money to support for five months. Need several more years to make sure they get those months’ support. How can we arrange money for new clothes! Out of frustration I gave some lecture to my Mom! Before that I asked her and knew that if it’s urgent to have new clothes or not. Means do they have any clothes to wear or not. Yes they do. It’s for the Eid they wanted.

Several days ago I thought that I would cook one or two dishes for Deepto for Eid day. Don’t know how I would be on the next Eid. Wish he could remember later years what Mom cooked! In our house we celebrate any festival very simply. Usually get some invitations on Eid days so don’t cook anything. This time I have no invitations. Before Eid used to buy a new shirt for him. If he buys a new game then don’t buy shirt. Do these willingly. Need to teach sense of limit from early age. Couldn’t arrange fund for 147 orphan children how could I buy shirt for him! Good that he has the Punjabi from Bangladesh still he can wear! No he doesn’t complain about not having new shirt for Eid. He doesn’t know that cultural tradition. I am living with guilt! Couldn’t do it for Ramadan Eid or this Eid for those children! Could only send money for food! Before the Eid of Ramadan was watching the luxurious festive of spending for clothes on TV. These days women are wearing very long kameezes (style brought from Pakistan and India!) Markets are full with Indian and Pakistani clothes! While watching those fancy expensive dresses and thinking how many orphan children’s clothes could be made out of those extra part which were hanging unnecessarily, not even talking about the extremely heavily ornamented decoration!

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