Women’s place!

October 18, 2013

How young girls from villages become victims of pimps, sold to become sex slaves in the big cities, is always similar in so many countries! It’s nothing new about selling own daughters by poverty-stricken parents also! In every century, in every society, in every country it happened. Still happening! The women who were sold in their own life become pimps at a point sometime! What can be said about male pimps! They allure by saying giving jobs in the cities, then who knows where they end up by travelling through India, Pakistan and other countries! Child and women trafficking is one of the ugliest chapters of the world! From Bangladesh to western world, women are sold, become sex slaves.

Many well-educated, well established people still think about women as subject of lust. Social, cultural, political, national, religious views are also added to it. Those nations which can’t guarantee safety of any human being, who will think, work for the safety of women?

It seems like natural to think about any socially marginal woman as an object of lust. That’s why house-­maids, garments workers, other kinds of working women become victims of many perverts. How many of us pay attention to it?! If once she becomes victim, she becomes potita (fallen)! The rapist is never a potito (fallen)!

We have so many cultural things to be proud of, but if we think about women’s status still now could we be proud? In many countries social views of putting down women has decreased. It’s never true that everything of any culture, country is good or bad. We need to think which is good and which must be discarded. This is not just for urban people. In Bangladesh women are in everywhere in education, workforces, every place in a great numbers. Still how many get their recognition, equal status, and equal rights in the family, in the society? Those who can’t respect their own wives, it’s not hard to understand how they think of other women!

The status of women in religion (any religion) is such, if male children are raised by without teaching to respect women, women’s equal rights, dignity of women and if the children follow everything in religion blindly, what can be expected from them?! Women are like agricultural fields, does this teaching give respect to women? It doesn’t matter that it said, mothers are given so much respect that the place below their feet are like heaven. Won’t the male child remember that he could beat his wife if she doesn’t want to go to his bed? In his list of women to have sex not only his “wives” but “slaves” fall in too? The “Shebadashi” of temples of goddess 
are whose sex slaves? Remembering the movie “water”! What a status women have by abusing religions for centuries! A raped woman needs at least two women or a man to prove for rape! Even as a witness woman have half the status of man! A rape has to occur in front of these many people and they should watch it to testify?! What does it mean, without witness a rape isn’t a rape? In this case how is it possible to prove that a husband could be a rapist? Oh, what I am saying! “Husband” means have the right to have sex anytime!

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