October 21, 2013

Weather is surprisingly different! It’s Fall now. Everywhere seeing the dazzling colors of the leaves! Maroon, dark red, orange, golden, yellow! It should drizzle now. But it’s not here. Temperature is above normal. It’s because of global warming. Even though enjoying the weather, in my mind feeling guilty!

I saw fall for the first time while staying in Canada for short time while my Dad was in his graduate school. I was just seven then. Many years later saw fall again while living in Tokyo. Specially fall in Nikko, was amazing! Then in Indiana! Silicon Valley’s weather is almost same all year round. Fall isn’t that much visible. While living in Massachusetts saw fall there, New Hampshire’s, Vermont’s and other places of the East Coast. Now seeing the West Coast’s. Amazing! It’s mind-blowing! Also same time feeling a bit depressed. After several days leaves will start to fall. Leaves fall and I feel losing time from life! Depression plays hide and seek in a positive minded person like me!

Eight years back we signed for our first house just two weeks after we moved here. Only few houses were left to be built very near of Deepto’s school. We didn’t look for any house. We didn’t buy house anywhere we lived before. I was searching for a child friendly community for my son. Even though according to this place our house is not too big. It’s a medium size, the sales agent told us! In my mind I said it’s big for three of us. The design of the house is European style. This isn’t common in this country. There is a porch to pass through to go to the garage. The porch reminds me of houses in Bangladesh! Inside is also European style. Outside color is similar to the mud colored houses in the villages of Bangladesh!

Those who comes for the first time to our house gets surprised. Thinks, how could I brought so many decorative things from Bangladesh! Some says look like I am in Aarong! Some says it’s a museum of Bangladeshi handicrafts! I buy not only from Aarong but also from so many places including street vendors! Gave gifts from Bangladesh to countless non-­Bangladeshi people. There are very few places to compare with the varieties of hand crafts, art works of Bangladesh. Have some hand crafts, artworks from Japan and also of Native Americans. After my second lung surgery time to time I think what Mizan and Deepto will do with those things! I don’t have a daughter or a sister to help! They will be on great trouble! It will be hard for them to throw those things also to keep! Why did I collect so much?! Once I told to a very close person of mine this. She tried not to cry and said, don’t think this.

Deepto wants to take AP courses in high school. The high school in our area has IB program. We have to change the house! Don’t see other option. I am not in favor of private schools. All are some kind of religion based. And also those who go there know that they are privileged ones of the society. There is a big chance of becoming snobs. I am not saying that everybody is, and will be, like that. But I don’t want to experiment. I have seen some bad examples. Also the person who is being raised by the thought that religion is totally a personal inner thing, it doesn’t go with the ideology to send him to private schools. Must have to change the house! People will be surprised seeing that with my fight how we could think of changing (buying and selling houses) house!

The work isn’t that easy. I am looking for a smaller house. This would be a bit hard. These days new houses are big. May be have to buy old house. It has to be done before the new school year starts. The easiest option is to send him to private school. Or buy a big house. Both don’t go with my ideology. So have to walk on the hard way! Search for a house!

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