November 26, 2013
From 2007 almost every other day I learn about someone’s hardship, fight through the volunteer organization I am involved with. These are in addition to TV news, online news, and Facebook news. Different types of support are asked for. Most of those are cancer or kidney failure cases, or financial support needed for someone or some family for rehabilitation.

Yesterday got a different type of request. A young girl needs shelter to the orphanage which our organization supports and I am responsible for that project. The ten years old girl is deaf. Both parents are alive! The father doesn’t want the daughter. He wants to give her to an orphanage! I just glanced her picture once and didn’t look at it again! My mind is full of questions. Why this happen? Why were they born in those who don’t want them?! Why weren’t they born to those who are crying silently to have children every moment!? I can’t accept it, there are so many people desperately want to have children and on the other side children are suffering and dying in the streets! We look for fairness in everything. But life itself is an unfair thing!

When I had no thoughts of having a family in my teens, at that time I thought about adopting orphan children when I grew up. No it didn’t happen, won’t happen. I fight every day and think how old could I be able to raise my biological child! When Mizan started working immediately we started sponsoring a child through an international organization. Later added another one through our volunteering organization. I didn’t select those children. The organizations chose them. All of them are girls! The sponsorship organization always chooses girls for me in India. When they turn nineteen the sponsorship ends. Three times they chose girls! The other one at Dhaka is also a girl. Somehow I feel like they are the shadows of my unborn child!

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