Cancer fighter, not patient!

Tuesday, February 4
World Cancer Day 2014

A dying cancer patient is the most common thing to watch in movies, dramas in Bangladesh. In music videos too. In those it’s shown as a romantic sentiment! No, nothing is wrong there. It’s very common that cancer patients die. But not everybody dies soon. Some may fight and live for 
years. Some may get cured. It’s very important to become fighters not patients. Positive thinking can give more time. May it be months, or years? Nobody knows when and how death will come. A cancer patient may die for totally other reason. So it is better be fighters, not patients. Being a patient, someone may very easily become depressed, which may bring more misery to themselves and close ones. It’s not only cancer fighters, but people around should also be aware of it. They need to change their mentality. Media, literature may play a positive role. Life means fighting. Cancer is a huge fight. Now is the time to show cancer patient as a fighter.

If I became a cancer patient in 2006 instead of a fighter, would I be able to write like this?Or would I be able to help to create many memories of a six and half years old child? Or could I be able to do things which I like/liked? The fight didn’t stop. So I keep fighting while time to time listening the knock on the door! Now I am waiting to see the fourteenth birthday of that six and a half!

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