Stories of ordinary life!

February 7, 2014 at 11:14am

My youngest brother and his family came to visit in the winter break. The toddler kept all of us entertained! Memories of Deepto’s early age was flashing back! I think intentionally I stay away from those! After they went I was very sick. Days after days Mizan and I had a very bad cold. Those who have never seen me coughing wouldn’t understand how bad it turns out when I have a cold and cough. I had so much pain in my ribcage and the area of my back where the cuts are, it seemed like I was recovering from lungs surgery again. One day among these Deepto had a fever of 103 degree for two days. Baba and son are doing OK now. I am still coughing but little bit better. The reason I am saying this is that life didn’t stop, it still goes on. Deepto did homework, class tests, finals, and science fair project report while having both parents having very bad cold. And did great.

Friend Aireen came to visit. She stayed for two days and three nights. Spent time with her while coughing. Thinking Deepto’s birthday party, which is limited to his close friends and their families, have to be arranged without any preparation. From yesterday blizzard started which is not normal here at this time of the year. Deepto was worried about that if his birthday party gets cancelled! Last time it was just before my second lungs surgery. While cooking thought that next time wouldn’t be able to cook. Now it’s happening! It will be a pizza party. To not feel guilty will cook a dish (Halim)! Bangladeshi people cook so many items for a party which I don’t even when I am not this sick. I always have a sense of limitations since my early ages. And now life taught me minimization by slapping around!

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