I want rain!

April 6, 2014 at 1:27 am

Last evening Mizan told me that his boss’s wife passed away. Last year she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Deepto’s PCP was diagnosed with the same last year. She went through treatment for the second time within a year. Then she quit the job. It doesn’t sound good! Want to know how she is doing but I am scared to ask! Also want to know about her son who was diagnosed with brain tumor around the time I was diagnosed with sarcoma. I was feeling sad for the whole day, after reading about a child’s life story from another part of the world. His beautiful face kept me captivated for the whole day, still is. In the afternoon talked to a mother of two special needs children. She is such a fighter! I always salute these people in my mind. She told me that children of her acquaintances bullies her children! When she told them about it they misbehaved with her! I wonder how shallow people could be of my ethnicity! If highly educated people are like this, what’s wrong with uneducated people!

This afternoon went to an appointment. It seems like spring came and went back. Sky is cloudy, sometimes it’s drizzling. The cloud seemed like the pain on my chest, sorrow of my mind! Once felt suffocated. On the way can see the cancer center where I go. In my mind, don’t want to come here before September for the regular check up! Even though I have to go to the breathing specialist. Listened to Shuvomita’s song which I always do in the car. One of the songs is, “I want rain …….” Nobody here wants rain now! Neither do I. At the same time I was looking for it! My pain might be less if my tears can be dropped as rain!

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