April 3, 2014 at 4:47pm

Yesterday shared a post on Facebook about terminally ill (cancer) father and his eleven years old daughter. The dad wouldn’t walk her the aisle. A photographer staged the occasion and took pictures. The pictures were so touchy, couldn’t look at all! There were many comments below the Yahoo news. Tried to read one or two and then stopped. Nobody can have parents forever. But those who lost them at earlier age, can’t feel their pain but try to understand it. Think most of them become introvert about their feelings. Seeing Mizan like this. The dad in the story is sixty-one. This is not that old age. But have seen and known so many younger parents left their children that make me think people who have children at older age have a big chance to not see many things of their children’s life. Don’t feel little bit more who left at an early age?! Once Mizan showed me (someone shared in e­mail) a little girl asking God to stop making babies, keep the existing people alive! No we need babies. But will it be a great loss to not have untimely deaths!

Someone told me a news story about a cancer fighter. Leaving a very young daughter she recorded video messages to her daughter’s birthdays! No I couldn’t be that brave! I am trying to be a “normal” mother! I don’t spare to correct my son of any mistake he makes! Each time I teach him what not to do and what to do. Life doesn’t spare anyone. It wouldn’t my son too! Don’t do anything too much. This year he didn’t even get a new shirt! Each year try to do this only. For the last two years he is shopping with his dad only. Because most of the time I am sick, not feeling well. I made myself to understand that he is being getting trained! Now he knows what to buy. Interestingly his likings are similar!

Yesterday one of my cousins sent some pictures of my dad. Political Science department of Rajshahi University had fiftieth anniversary. He is very sick. But his students wanted him there. Don’t know how my mom took him there. I wouldn’t do that. Many people use Skype to talk to near ones living far. I don’t. When one of my brothers went to visit my parents in January, I used it. Not for long. My dad’s health has deteriorated so much! Can’t hear his voice. The pale voice which I used to hear can’t hear it now. Don’t want him over the phone to talk. The I who shed tears after reading the Yahoo news that I shed no tears while watching my dad’s student’s shedding tears for him!

At this year’s science fair when Deepto’s name was announced, he got the first place in his category, I only said, “Oh God!” Don’t know why. While he was doing the project Mizan and I were very sick with cold. Mizan got better. But I suffered very much for two months. Deepto did everything! His dad helped him that much what he is supposed to do. People would follow honor code, we believe in that. It’s not about getting any place, it’s all about learning. At our house not only following the law is important but also ethics is also equally important. Like last year I might not go there. Try to avoid crowd, for the fear of getting germs. That evening wanted to go to Ustad Zakir Hussain and Masters of Percussion concert. How would I not go to my son’s science fair award ceremony at the same evening! Got the experience of hearing own son’s name from several hundreds of students! I didn’t know anything about his project or even the category! I know nothing about his studies. Only ask if he has done homework or not, have any class test etc. I know I am a strange mother! His dad looks after his studies. I don’t believe in excessive involvement. I look after other issues.

I used to go to all of his piano recitals. Last year missed one! Used to go to each of his swim classes (his dad takes him) and kept eyes on him each moment. Teachers, lifeguards were there. But what if they missed him among other children and he……….. With that thinking I watched him for! For the last two summers I couldn’t go to any swim classes! When he learnt Tae Kwon Do, I used to take him. Later when my health got deteriorated and his classes were in the evening, his dad took him there. But didn’t miss the belt tests. I didn’t think of not going to any of his these classes for some time. Now if I can go I feel happy; if I can’t, I think that at least he is doing these and I am knowing it ­­that is the main thing! He will finish middle school soon. Many parents and students are also talking about which classes they are going to take. I am only wanting that he can go to the school that he wants. Most people think what and where their children would study after high school. I only think, want to know………………..

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