Tania Morshed was born and brought up in Bangladesh where she got her Electrical Engineering degree in 1991. She came to USA in 1994. She got MS degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University in California in 1999. In 2006, she was suddenly diagnosed with soft-­tissue sarcoma, a rare type of cancer. At that time her son was 6 years old. While fighting cancer and raising the young boy, she engaged into writing about raising cancer awareness in social media as well as a wide variety of topics including women’s rights, minority rights, racial tolerance, secularism, religious fanaticism, parenting etc. Her writings were published in “Women Chapter”, an online publication in Bangladesh, promoting awareness of women’s rights. A compiled set of her works was published as a book in Bengali (A Fighter’s Diary) in Bangladesh in 2014. Outside writings, Tania has been involved in charitable organization.

Cancer has been a continued fight for Tania as it spread in her lungs which required multiple surgeries. It also is traced in liver and in tissue near lower spine. Chemotherapy, surgery, and hospitalization did not stop her passionate and spirited writings that entertain many readers in social media.